Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mothers, cupcakes, yoga booty Part 3

Went to lunch with a Nick and a friend today after the chiropractor. It was beautiful outside, 74 degrees and beautiful whispy clouds across the blue sky. Someday, I'll find or replace my camera cable and be able to show you! It was beautiful yesterday, too, when Nick took me for an impromptu date to the Redondo Boardwalk. We looked at all the houses and discussed their charms and eccentricities. I was so inspired by the summery weather that I really wanted vegetables. I ordered a vegetable thai curry and an awesome salad, full of lots of delightful raw veggies. I ate too many (which is not very many anymore) and my stomach paid me back for it. Lame. I used to love fiber. My chiropractor had a fit that I hadn't received my CT results yet, and he offered to call Monday and try to get them hurried up. I hope it helps, I really want to know what's wrong so that I know what I can do to to feel better: summer Boca burgers are calling my name...

After a conversation with my sister about how much better her boyfriend has been feeling since he started working out, I really got focused on getting Nick back in shape. I love yoga for lots of reasons, but from a practical perspective, it requires very little equipment and is accessable for all levels of fitness. It's also free if you do it at home, which is especially enticing. I've brought this up with Nick before, but we've also had some conversations about the numerous positive "physical" effects of excercise. I guess I must have been convincing: after a year+ of not using his gym membership, Nick popped in one of my instructional DVDs last night and tried it, while I stood by and helped him with his postures. We're actually going to the store in a little while to get him a strap and a block, 2 tools I never use which would be helpful given his current range of motion. We'll also pick up his very own mat. I'm super excited by the prospect of a yoga partner!

Speaking of yoga, the more I do the more I notice that I LOVE my butt more every day. I've done lots of toning-type workouts before, but something about yoga gives women a perfect, feminine derrier. Now, if I could just figure out how to have dainty ankles, I'd be all set.

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