Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reasons to use sugar waxes

1: It's all-natural.

2: It pulls fine-to-medium hair beautifully.

3: It's gentle on skin, has a lowered risk of tearing.

4: When you accidentally turn your waxpot to high instead of medium and it BOILS OVER, you can clean sugar-based waxes up with hot tap water and a rag.

5: See number 4. RAWK.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The last place you look.

I checked every pocket I own. I cleaned and vacuumed the entire car. I dug through every grocery sack, and under every couch cusion. I even pulled the bedding up.

My debit card was gone. Again.

My missing card was actually only 2 months old, a reorder of the previous missing card. Which turned up mockingly on my bedside table the day after I had it cancelled. I've been looking for it since I last used it Friday the 3rd. It must have fallen out of my purse at Azteca, where we had dinner with Nick's family.

I sent an alert to my bank last night, and borrowed Nick's card in the meantime. The bank got back to me this afternoon with a cancellation notice, and I should have a new card in 10 business days.

Of course they got back to me, and of course my card is cancelled: I just found it (in the fucking dark, no less), sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor.

For fuck's sake.