Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers, cupcakes, yoga booty Part 1

This last weekend was CRAZY. Friday, my sister and I took in a showing of Frost Nixon at the Paramount. Saturday, Nick and I went to Seattle's Hop Scotch festival with a good friend, and Sunday we spent ferrying between the mom's houses. In between all of this, I managed to prep a dinner for my family's Mother's Day celebration, take Nick to buy a fuscia for his mother (since neither of those boys is capable of agreeing on a damned thing, might I add), shop for pots and plants for the little container garden I'm planning, and make vanilla cupcakes with (I'm told) real French buttercream. Yowza. It's the closest I've come to feeling like super-woman in a long, LOOOOOOONG time.

I may be really off-base here, but my mother-in-law freaks me the fuck out. I could spend hours on all the reasons, but at the moment the primary issue is that she's been so nice to me lately. To me! She's always made it really clear that she didn't care for me, that she did not particularly want her son to marry me, that she was really not pleased to welcome me as a member of her "family." Our relationship has always been strained, at best, open warfare at worst.

A few months ago, she just dropped all of it, and started treating me as if I were actually her daughter-in-law and not just the filthy half-breed her son dragged in. This was very sudden, mind you, and I'm still reeling. Nick and I had a huge fight about this the other day: I don't trust it, because people don't just change overnight. I need to know why. Nick insists that I should just accept her like this, althought she has no history of behaving this way towards anyone, as far as I can tell. Not even her own sons. Nick has somehow reasoned out that she is so frustrated with his older brother, that she has decided to be nice to me. Makes no sense, but I honestly don't even want to discuss it with him any longer.


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